We call ourselves your partners because we’re just as focused on your financial success as you are. Strengthening the financial performance of small businesses in Australia is something we’re passionate about, and to do our part in contributing to your success is something we are proud of.

A smarter way to financial success

The way our clients do business has changed significantly over the years, but the offerings of traditional accounting practices haven’t. We wanted to do something about that.

Prime Partners was established in 2006 with the goal of creating a forward-thinking practice that offered a total financial solution, more in line with the needs and expectations of today’s business owners.

We recognised that for our clients to succeed, they needed smarter business advisory services from experienced industry experts they could trust. ‘Smarter ways to financial success’ is a philosophy that guides our approach – using intelligent, creative and practical ideas to achieve the outcomes each individual client is seeking. Because of our diverse training and experience, we can see clients’ situations from different points of view, and tailor strategies that take account of  business performance, wealth creation and risk mitigation – as well as tax and compliance implications.

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