Saving for your first home? Thinking about downsizing? How super can lend a hand

If you’re planning on downsizing, or are at the opposite end of the spectrum and saving for your first home, you may be able to take advantage of the super concessions introduced as part of the housing initiatives in the 2017 Federal Budget. For downsizers, super concessions will allow them to contribute proceeds from the sale of their home to super. For first home savers it means being able to withdraw…  Read more

Deductible super contributions are now for everyone!

For many salary and wage earners, the super guarantee that is deducted from each pay is something most of us don’t notice. Some people choose to contribute extra funds to super to further build retirement savings. Concessional super contributions are taxed at 15%* as opposed to marginal tax rates of up to 49% providing significant tax savings. With the recent superannuation reforms, one simple change has provided an excellent tax…  Read more