Invisible Artists

We were out shooting a conference for Thompson Reuters today and they had someone from the ATO present.
I had a quick chat with him and said how good and compliant xero was.

Just wanted to say thanks so much for putting me onto it and although I don’t know the difference, having spoken to other small business owners who have no idea where their finances, I know it’s making such a difference to my business.

Dan, Invisible Artists
Three Threes

Three Threes are proud to be an Australian Family Business, founded in 1919. Peter and Michael McAlpine are the 4th Generation McAlpines to manage the business with their wives Sharyn and Justine. Three Threes products are sold through all major Australian Supermarkets and selected independents.  Three Threes is a quality assured organisation and try to buy Australian made ingredients and material where possible.

We initially contracted Prime Partners Financial Planning to assist us with our personal investments, but we soon realised that Prime Partners provide much more than investment advice.  Their approach is quite strategic and they were instrumental in re-positioning our thinking.  Over time, our relationship with Prime Partners has expanded, and we now also utilise their accounting and business development services.  Every two months, we have a business review and forward planning meeting, to proactively review pricing and productivity policies as well as develop marketing and promotional programs.

We have found Prime Partners to be very positive in their outlook and we value their ongoing input to our business.

Ronald McAlpine, Three Threes Condiments Pty Ltd
Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

As both a practicing medical practitioner and board member for a number of organisations I appreciate the importance of engaging professional advice on matters where I do not have the expertise. My busy schedule allows me little time to focus on my family’s personal finances, and prior to joining Prime Partners, my wife and I were not confident we had the right plan in place to help achieve our retirement goals.

The Prime Partners team worked with us to help set out our goals in a clear and logical manner, and to determine the financial strategies we would need to implement to enable us to achieve those life goals.

The comprehensive and proactive financial advice we now receive through our relationship with Prime Partners provides us with the assurance that our financial future is in good hands and that we will be able to live the lifestyle we have envisaged.

Professor Robert M Graham, AO - Executive Director, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
Valmont Interiors

Valmont Interiors Pty Ltd began as a “two man band” fit out company, being started by myself and Marcel Zalloua in 2005. At the time, the venture was started to make some money to go travelling and snowboarding at Mountain Valemount in Canada, the mountain which Valmont is named after.

In 2006 we added a design arm and increased our turnover and staff numbers. Needless to say, we outgrew our home office and set up shop in our first commercial office space by the end of the year.

The success which this new business venture brought has put our dream of travelling on the backburner.

After just over a year, we grew further and in March 2008, the Valmont team moved to Surry Hills, where we are still currently located.

After only 5 years we have been recognised as one of the fastest growing companies in Australia and have been ranked No. 2 in last year’s “BRW” magazine’s “Fast 100 List”. Valmont’s success story has also been published in “The Australian” (22 July 2010).

This success is reflected by the team which has grown from the original two directors to 21 staff. Furthermore, we have opened a new office in Perth in March 2010.

Since Valmont’s inception, we have worked very closely with Prime Partners and in particular, Geoff Power. Geoff has not only provided us with his accounting services, but has offered us plentiful advice on how to manage our business and finances more efficiently.

With Valmont’s growth, the services from Prime have also developed. Our finance manager, who joined us in 2006, is working closely with other accountants within Prime Partners.

Prime Partners’ accountants have always been happy to offer our finance manager endless help and guidance. This is something that we are extremely grateful for, as this has helped her to grow together with the company. Prime has been instrumental in teaching Marcel, Nikki and I invaluable information about company’s finance.

Valmont works very closely with Patrick Kazzi in lending services, a service which is of a very high standard. This service has been used since inception and will continue to be used in the future.

Not only has Patrick always looked after us in a very professional and caring way, but also because he has made several transactions a very smooth and easy process.

Valmont Interiors continues to work closely with Prime Partners, recently appointing Geoff as our Chairman.

Thus we cannot stress how appreciative we are of Prime Partners involvement; they have nurtured and supported Valmont in our growth and we look forward to continuing our close relationship with them well into the future.

Sergio Pires – Director , Valmont Interiors Pty Ltd
Camp Quality

I have been involved with Prime Partners for more than a decade through a range of personal and business services such as financial planning, taxation and accounting advice.

Given that we live in a constantly changing world with complex legislation and greater risk, it is reassuring to work with a professional organisation that not only has a great wealth of experience and knowledge but more importantly puts the client at the centre of all this. Prime Partners care about you as an individual and not just as a number and they are genuine in their desire to do what is right by you.

The support they have provided to me through taxation and accounting advice as well as financial planning has been excellent. Recently during the GFC they remained steady and consistent in what was a very volatile market. Their research and subsequent advice was sound and enabled me to remain resilient to the changes that were occurring.

As an organisation they have a good understanding of their corporate social responsibility which is evident within their culture. Their staff are friendly, professional and caring and undoubtedly live the values of the organisation.

I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Simon Rountree  - CEO, Camp Quality
Nine Design

Nine Design “does cool stuff”. Our services range from graphic design to printing and promotions.

Nine Design started from humble beginnings over 10 years ago. Throughout this period Nine Design has continually grown its business. Earlier this year the Nine Design team moved to larger office premises in Stanmore to accommodate our ever expanding client base and business

Since Nine Designs inception, we have worked very closely with Prime Partners and in particular, Laela Hansen and Patrick Kazzi.

Laela has not only provided us with her accounting services, but has been instrumental in ensuring we manage our business more efficiently. She has been a sounding board and coach in making sure we implement the strategic decisions that make positive changes to our business.

Nine Design also works closely with Patrick in lending services. Patrick has advised & assisted us with securing the most appropriate loans to help achieve our financial objectives. Furthermore, Patrick has made the finance transactions a very smooth and hassle free process.

We feel the relationship with Prime Partners has been very positive on both a business and personal level. Their support and nurturing in our growing business is much appreciated. We look forward to the next stage of growth with the continuing support of our advisers at Prime Partners.

Deanna McMath – Director, Nine Design