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Xerocon 2017

Last month we travelled to Melbourne to attend Xerocon, the annual conference held by Xero accounting software. It was a great opportunity for the team to learn more about what Xero has planned in the future, to spend quality time bonding over ramen, and to hear from inspiring speakers.

Here’s what our team had to say about their experience:


I really enjoyed travelling to Melbourne with the team for Xerocon. It was an exciting experience in which I learnt a lot about new and upcoming features available in Xero. My favourite new function would have to be Xero Projects. It’s a great tool that our clients can implement into their businesses to track the true value of a job by directly adding in invoices, timesheets, budgets and other components.

Xerocon provided us with an in-depth look at how different companies automatically incorporate with Xero, making life easier for both advisers and clients. During the breakout sessions some phenomenal individuals shared their life experiences and gave us great insight into their experiences in the accounting industry.



Ramen. Accounting. Secret bars. Magda Szubanski. More ramen. What on earth am I talking about? You normally wouldn’t put fun, exciting, agile and accounting in the same room, but Melbourne’s Xerocon has done exactly that. And more!

The new accounting universe is cool. That’s right, you heard it here first. Cool. Seek. Cloud-based. Intuitive. Adaptable. Simple. You’ve probably heard these buzz words before, but honestly, you need to watch this space!

You’re probably thinking, ‘Did you even learn anything?’ I sure did. My key take-away: breathe, step back, and see the bigger picture. Whether it’s personal, business or career goals, it’s time to take off the blinders!

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